Second Chance is an independent non-profit organisation with an unswerving commitment to solving female homelessness.

Second Chance – an all-volunteer committee – is the only charity in Australia raising money exclusively for homeless women.In south-east Queensland there are 10 times the number of crisis beds for men than for women. We are working to change that.Second Chance has a long history of addressing the interlinked issues of domestic violence, homelessness, mental health issues and inter-generational poverty.We believe that every women and child has the right to a home and to dignity and safety. We fund experts in their fields to support and assist women and their children onto the pathway to a home – for life.

Without the support of our donors and supporters, we could not provide these vital services. If you would like to donate please click HERE.


Who we are

Second Chance was set up in 2001 to address the distressing problem of women’s homelessness. We do not raise money to buy buildings or pay salaries. Apart from the fee for public liability insurance, every cent raised is used to ‘get women off the streets’ and to help them take control of the lives. The Committee makes sure every dollar we receive is put to the best possible use in our mission. It comprises dale spender, Marjorie Morton, Kathleen Noonan, Kelly Greenop, Diane Keyser and Zara Sexton.

What we do

Second Chance supports a variety of different projects to help homeless women secure a home and return to independent living. The committee assesses and monitors each project through a defined set of criteria. The committee aims to support a range of different projects that can, in their own specific ways, help women to move through at least one of the following three stages towards independent living (some projects support all three):

off the streets      >      support towards independence      >      independent living

Over 380 women who would otherwise have been sleeping rough have been housed through the SCP partnership with the Brisbane Housing Company (BHC) through the ‘bridge the gap program’. Second Chance also funds brand new furniture packages to furnish studio apartments for homeless women within the BHC complexes. Second Chance has provided 40 furniture packages to support homeless women in their move back towards independence.

Bahloo is a young women’s hostel at Buranda which cares for young, mainly indigenous, girls. Second Chance provides funding the cost of transport home if a girl wishes to be reunited with her family. 19 girls have been provided with funding for tickets home.

Second Chance funds the provision of extra support for women in need of it at the Anglican Women’s Hostel. Each year, women who are unable to contribute to the cost of their care present at the hostel.

Second Chance sponsors a room at the Najidah Refuge (that provides accommodation to women and children affected by domestic and family violence) on the Sunshine Coast. 75% of all women who have stayed in the room have broken the cycle of homelessness and moved on to sustainable independent living.

Second Chance supports St Mary’s Support and Accommodation Program that provides housing and support to single, pregnant and parenting women aged 16-25 years with children under the age of four, who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The Self Care Program, funded by second Chance, incorporates facilitation of different workshops, information sessions and activities aimed at giving young mothers the opportunity to grow their skills, increase self esteem and feel connected to, and participate in, their communities now and long term.

Our Vision

We exist to change the way society responds to homelessness by raising money in order to facilitate the provision of accommodation and services for women so there are fewer homeless women in South East Queensland.