Our Newest Fundraiser



When Kym Frame embarked on a labour of love that was an art installation of more than 100 women’s cast and illuminated feet, the Brisbane sculptor wanted it to help Queensland’s disadvantaged women. She saw Second chance as a perfect fit.

“Every woman counts and has a voice that needs to be heard,” Kym said. “more than 100 amazing women, generously gave their time to be part of the project, to together in support of other women, women they have never met.”

The illuminated installation culminated with the Women Afoot exhibition in New Farm’s Graydon Gallery recently, where a crowd gathered to see the stunning circle of feet made from natural handmade banana paper, which is delicate and fragile but surprisingly strong.

More than 100 women were involved in the project, from diverse backgrounds, aged 16-89. It was a labour of love for Kym. Each foot was four day’s work. She also recorded individual messages from the women, which were played in the gallery, and screen printed on linen towels, to sell for Second Chance. They were wildly popular.

The Women Afoot Project raised more than $5500 for Second Chance.





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