SCP For Addicted Women


Salvation Army Recovery Centre

Artist’s impression of 20-bed residence for women recovering from addiction at the Salvation Army’s Moonyah Recovery Centre at Red Hill.

WE were shocked to learn that out of the 200 state-funded ‘’recovery beds’’ for those suffering from drug, alcohol and gambling addictions, there are only 48 designated beds for women.
Yet, women now make up half of all problem gamblers and many studies show that compared to men with alcohol problems, women with drinking problems are more likely to suffer severe brain damage. They are also more likely to commit suicide out of despair and shame. Yet, those in crisis from gambling, alcohol and drinking addictions are being turned away from being part of rehab problems because of acute shortage of beds and support.

Knowing addictions are some of the surest pathways to female homelessness, Second Chance was keen to be part of Project NOW, which is building a $1.7million, 20-bed facility at Brisbane’s Red Hill exclusively for women with addictions.

It has been a collaboration between the Rotary Club of Brisbane Planetarium, The Zonta Club of Brisbane Metro Breakfast Club (and affiliated Zonta Clubs) and The Salvation Army.

Second Chance will fund the furnishing of 20 bedrooms, two common rooms and the case-working offices, knowing such a facility will allow the women to more successfully undergo recovery and restore their lives with dignity and privacy.

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