Second Chance supports a variety of different projects to help homeless women find a home and return to independent living. The committee assesses and monitors each project through a defined set of criteria. The committee aims to support a range of different projects that can, in their own specific ways, help women to move through at least one of the following three stages towards independent living (some projects support all three):

off the streets      >      support towards independence      >      independent living

Projects currently funded by Second Chance are:

  • Brisbane Housing Company – Bridging the Rental Gap
  • Brisbane Housing Company – Providing Furniture Packages
  • Anglican Women’s Hostel – Funding to Support Women in Special Circumstances
  • Bahloo – Funding Tickets Home
  • Najidah – Sponsoring a Room and Support Services
  • Micah – Providing Funding for ‘Extra Requirements’
  • St Mary’s – Self Care Program

For more information on each project, click on the left hand column on the name of the relevant organisation.


Please note: Second Chance is a fundraising organisation supporting programs for women in South East Queensland. We do not deliver any services.  Second Chance provides funds only to organisations who support women in SEQLD who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, and only if they have DGR status.  If you meet this category, you might wish to fill in a Proposal Template.

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