Homeless Women

Case studies

Anglican Women’s Hostel – Bed 14

In the past 6 months, the Second Chance Programme sponsorship of Bed 14 has greatly assisted two women experiencing homelessness to address significant barriers to housing, and to achieve their goals.  The two women who benefited from the bed sponsorship were both disadvantaged financially, and with the support and assistance of Anglican Women’s Hostel and Second Chance, were both able to achieve independent accommodation through community housing.

Jessica* is a woman in her 30’s who recently divorced from her husband and needed to leave the family home.  With no other housing options, Jessica contacted Anglican Women’s Hostel for a bed.  Jessica was unfortunately forced to leave her 2 children behind, so they continued to live with her ex-husband until Jessica could obtain suitable housing.  Jessica was ineligible for Social Housing due to the settlement process she was undertaking with her ex-husband.  Jessica received a Newstart Allowance and therefore could not afford a private rental property with enough bedrooms for her children to return to her care.  Jessica’s Anglican Women’s Hostel Case Manager strongly advocated to Department of Communities, Housing and Homelessness, and prepared a written submission requesting that Jessica be granted eligibility for housing assistance through Community Housing.  The appeal was a success, and Jessica was offered a 3 bedroom property in an area close to her children’s school.   In addition to obtaining affordable housing, Jessica was also referred to a women’s legal service to assist her with negotiating parenting agreements with her ex-husband, as well as a sexual assault counselling service in order to deal with a past trauma.  Jessica is enjoying her new community and being with her children again.  AWH successfully referred Jessica to a local community support agency in order to ensure that she receives ongoing support.

Melita* is a 25 year old woman who was studying nursing at TAFE and living in share accommodation which was unsafe and volatile.  After experiencing conflict with her housemates, Melita was asked to leave the house and as her name was not on the lease, she had no rights to the property and therefore found herself with nowhere to go.  Melita came to Anglican Women’s Hostel with very little financial resources given that she was studying full-time and unable to work due to her timetable commitments.  Melita actively engaged with her AWH Case Manager who assisted her to apply for Social Housing as well as provided encouragement and emotional support.  Melita’s primary goal was to obtain her own accommodation and continue her studies.  As a result of Melita’s Case Manager’s advocacy and support. Melita was offered transitional housing through 4 Walls – a studio apartment located in a vibrant inner city community, close to transport and TAFE.  Melita is now enjoying independent living and reports that she has achieved great results at TAFE and will be commencing work experience next semester.

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