2013 Feedback from Sue Clark, Co Coordinator of Koongoora Inc.

“Thank you, we so appreciate your ongoing financial support. It is just amazing what you do and it is hard to show just how much this money has assisted so many of our families at the refuge.”

2013 Feedback from Jacque Taka, co-ordinator of Chisholm Inc, Brisbane
“The funding from Second Chance to our emergency shelter has made an EXTRAORDINARY difference to women and children who arrive here, fleeing family violence. It means we can help so many more women, especially those who fall into the ‘’non-income’’ category and often slip through the cracks in Australia.’’

2013 Quentin Bryce, Governor-General of Australia.
Second Chance is an inspiring example of women coming together to care for others who are in desperate need .Can you imagine being homeless – nowhere to go to put your head down, to feel safe, to be inside? This hard-working  community organisation gives practical support with a compassion, generous spirit , and determination to make a difference. It gives all of us a way to show that we care too and that we want to DO something to make a difference for women in the toughest times in their lives.’’.

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