Take a Virtual Tour of a Women’s Refuge

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MOST Australians have never visited a domestic violence refuge and never will.

Luckily. Many women who are in violent relationships don’t even know they exist and all the services they offer.
Yet, they are an absolutely vital link in solving Australia’s female homelessness issue, often the safe gateway away from abuse. You can’t tackle female homelessness and ignore domestic violence. It’s the Number One cause.
We financially assist DV refuges all over the state now. They are well organised, comfortable and welcoming places, hidden in the suburbs throughout our cities and regions, and well equipped for single women, and mothers with children.
How long do you think most abused women and children usually stay in a DV refuge before they move to the next step of housing? A couple of nights? Many stay for months. The average is around 60 days. You need to arrange custody orders and DVOS for protection sorted out, and legal help and Centrelink and new bank accounts set up. You need counselling for children and women, many who are severely physically and mentally traumatised. You need to settle children into new schools. Many need urgent and ongoing medical attention. But really to build up women and children to feel strong and take control of their lives, it takes all those things together.
A new short film that gives a glimpse of the world inside of DV refuge has been made, a collaboration between Chisholm Inc and Brisbane Domestic Violence Service.

Watch it here www.bdvs.org.au/latest/latest-news

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