Why Noel Whittaker Donates

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“”All my life I’ve believed in potential – you always invest in potential. That’s the space that Second Chance works in – what is possible when you assist women and their children out of poverty and homelessness. That’s why we back them. It is money well spent.

“”My wife Geraldine says that to achieve mastery in a field – sport, a career, a language – you need 10,000 hours of deliberate practice throughout your life. So, what about children who have endured 10,000 hours of violence or the effects of poverty and homelessness? What happens to them?’’

– Noel Whittaker is one of Australia’s foremost financial commentators, having written 20 books that have sold more than two million copies.
– His wife Geraldine is a psychologist who has worked with children from situations of family violence. Together, they are Second Chance donors.

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